Let’s change our conditions… Let’s recreate our  Jalna

Does Jalna still have its Golden days???

Even blessed with sacred Kundalika river, why every year the common man of Jalna suffers from acute water shortage? The reason is none of the ruling or opposition political party leader has any sympathy or interest in solving the dreadful problem. All they love is their political leisure.

All political parties have declared their chief ministerial candidate… Then what is the purpose of conducting an election… Who should decide the chief minister… People or Party??

What do we see when we roam on our streets of Jalna?? Overflowing drainage accompanying damaged roads. All we see is the dirt and dust, not knowing where to find road among the cracks.. and to add to our miseries we find all the garbage with fetid smell. When I see all this I often question myself, does a common man in Jalna asked for all this? ? If no.. Then why are we suffering from all this… why hasn’t anyone objected for all these conditions. Who has raised a voice against our sufferings? I feel you should answer this and give me an opportunity for the creation of a new prosperous Jalna.

Your single vote will decide the destiny of Jalna.

Yours sincerelyAdv. Dnyaneshwar Wagh Patil Symbol: Whistle Independent Candidate. Jalna constituency,Mahrashtra,India


write email  adv.dmw@gmail.com or

make  call / give miscall on this number 9403493999


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